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How many have a phone that can take pictures?

How many had a phone that could take pictures 10 years ago?

How many can go online with your phone?

How many could do that 5 years ago?

Technology is changing. Media is changing rapidly.

Of the hundreds of methods I’ve tested and used to increase my retail business, I’ve found only a special few that are consistently profitable in any industry, in any size business, in any area of the country..And one marketing method is the single most profitable, and least expensive method.

I’m going to show you how to do that One Thing. And, when we are done here...if you don’t even want to do that ONE thing....we’ll do it for you... Fair enough?

Who here does any paid advertising? Where do you advertise? (Wait for Yellow Pages)

Who here have found that less people are going to the YP to find you than ten years ago?

So, where are the customers going to find suppliers then?

Internet Facts 2010

41% of consumer use locations in their online search “Dentist in Dallas Texas”

Almost all online searches are by product, brand name, name of city, name of state, or by a specific question. Nobody searches by the business name.

73% of all online activity is related to local search (Google)

The closer your business is to the person doing the online search, the more likely your listing will show up in the search.

67% of Americans use local online search to find local businesses (Comscore)

This number is growing every year. Only a third of all Yellow Page searches are in the print Yellow Pages. Over two thirds of all Yellow Page searches are online.

82% of all local searchers follow up with a walk in or a phone call (Comscore)

Customers are going to buy somewhere....why not from you?

43% of all searches are local with the intent of buying off line. (Comscore)

Most people would rather buy locally, but ...if they don’t find you...they cannot buy from you.


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