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Area Online Advertising And Marketing VS Nationwide Online Traffic Generation: The Secret To Making Your Local Web Based Advertising Rewarding.

There's thousands of articles, courses, and training systems on online advertising and marketing. But if you are marketing your local business, trying to attract local consumers, these books won't help you. Here is what you need to understand.

Everything you are doing currently to market your local business is WRONG.

Search Engine Optimization professionals promise you "I can make your website show up on the first page of Google". Many can. Possibly they can even get you to the desirable first place listing.

If your business is countrywide in scope, and you are attracting a nationwide audience, this type of SEO is excellent. If you are looking to attract a local audience, this approach will probably be a waste of time and money.

Why is that? Because when you are advertising nationally, you have many thousands of times more people doing an online search for your product category than you have in a local search. There may be many thousands of shoppers nationally, every day looking online for information about what you sell. So simply being anywhere on the first page of Google search results will pay off.

But a local search? Just for your town? You may only get one or two searches a day for what you sell. So being in any one position on a Google search won't help you much.

For local searches to pay off big for you, you have to dominate the entire first page of Google search results. If fact, you want to be the only supplier the online shopper has to chose from. You want your competitor's listings to be pushed onto the second page, if possible. The only way to be listed many times in search engine page one listings, is to offer more than just a directory listing or website listing. You need to provide the search engine with lots of "content" about what you sell. Not advertising verbiage, real information.

One more difference between national online searches and local online searches is that most buyers who do online searches are looking for information, they are not yet ready to buy. A listing pushed to the top of the search engines will perhaps attract a person who is ready to buy, and just looking for a supplier. These listings will not attract the 95% of online researchers who are looking for more information before they make the final buying decision.

You want people who are at every stage of the buying process to see your information. You want them to read what you have to say. You want to become the "trusted advisor" that they automatically think of when they are actually ready to buy your offering.

So you should provide far more than just a high ranking listing.

You want to provide information that the customer will want to read. You can do this in two basic ways; create videos that the customer can watch, providing real information that they want to receive. The second way is through printed matter or the one you are reading right now.

In your local market, this very day, are between 10 and 100 buyers that are interested in buying what you sell. There are another 100 to 1,000 that are at some stage of the information gathering process before they commit to buy from anyone. You want to attract these people. You want these buyers to see you are the expert, the "Go To" Guy, who can solve their problems.

Plus you want these people to see your information everywhere they look online.

And you don't want them going anywhere else.

As soon as you can list articles, reviews, videos on Google's local page one search will own your local online advertising media.

You can take the next move to learn how to profit from these Breakthrough ideas.....or you can just keep guessing, and hoping that something eventually works for you. Your decision.

Local marketing and advertising expert Claude Whitacre is the owner of Local Profit Geyser, a full service that concentrates your small business on the first page of local online search results. Discover the easiest way to dominate your local online marketing media. Just go to to see actual results from utilizing this system.

For more information on Claude's speaking service, go to

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