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FAQ about the Articles written for you.

Why do I need written articles? How does that help me?

Some local internet searches are by product category, some by brand name, some by location, and many local online searches are in the form of a search phrase or question. These searches are very valuable to you because these people are interested enough to ask a specific question. The articles written for you have titles that contain the most popular search phrases and search questions. Also, the buyer is seeing a listing that specifically addresses their question, and the article promises them free information. Your article will stand out in online searches, and has a far better chance of appearing on the first page of an online search, because the search phrase typed in will be in the article itself. Over half of my first an second page) on Google) search results are articles I wrote to answer specific question. These articles will bring you more “ready to buy” customers than even the business profile listings.

Where do you get the content for the articles written?

From you. After you submit your order, we will call you on the phone to set up a time to conduct an interview. The telephone interview will take about 30-40 minutes. We will ask you about concerns your customers have, questions they ask, and the best answers you would like to give. Out of that information we will write 3-5 (depending on diversity of your content) articles between 400-600 words. We will e-mail them for your approval. We then place the articles on the website we build for you, and then submit them to over 800 article submission sites. Every article will have at least one link to the website we build for you. If you already have a website, we will link the articles to that website too.

How do you deliver hundred of different articles to my website and to article sites?

We hand rewrite the articles several times. They will say the same things, but we will change the sentence structure, adjectives, and titles to create original articles. These articles will contain the most popular search phrases for your industry. The article titles are written to contain search phrases, and popular customer questions. These articles are then placed on your website, and will be indexed by online search engines.

Variations of these articles are then sent to article submission sites, to provide additional high ranking links back to your website. All of this is to maximize the number of local online listings that will appear when someone does a local online search for anything connected with what you sell.

Can I add articles myself?

Absolutely. After we add the articles that we have written for you, you can send us unlimited additional articles that we will then edit (to make them more acceptable to article sites), send them to 800 article sites, and place them on your website. If you are willing to write original articles, we’ll post them for free. Do not send articles written by someone else.

How soon do you create my articles?

We interview you usually (you set the time) within a week of signing up for this service. The articles are written and submitted for posting within a week after that.