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FAQ About Your “Business Profile” Listings And Local Profit Geyser In General.

Who are you?

My name is Claude Whitacre. I wrote The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual.(available at Amazon.com) My wife Cheryl and own a successful retail store in Wooster Ohio called The Sweeper Store. I also give talks on advertising and online marketing for local merchants. Every service we offer is done right here in our offices. When you call, you get me on the phone. (Or my wife, if I’m out speaking)

What is your experience?

We have owned and operated a retail store for 28 years, and tested different methods of advertising and promotion. Advertising online locally is the most profitable strategy we have ever seen or used. We now hear “We found you online”, when we ask the customer how they heard of us, than any other advertising method we use. We have a store website at sweeperstoreonline.com . We noticed after we submitted our business profile, articles, and video with this service, that our “we found you online” customers went up 407 % within 90 days, which amounts to tens of thousands of dollars a month. If you search in Google “vacuum cleaners wooster ohio” you’ll see that we dominate the front page of Google, even though there are 5,280 search results. Out of 489 retailers listed in Google Maps, we are listed number one. In July of 2010 we purchased the software and programmed all the listing and directory information, article submission sites, and video sites so we could offer this service to other retailers and small business owners.

Most of my customers are local. Why should I advertise online?

Your local customers are looking for you online. Almost 67% of all consumers are looking online for local suppliers, instead of looking in the print Yellow Pages. Recent studies have shown that 70% of US households use the internet when making a local buying decision. Yellow Page advertising, newspaper, and all print advertising is becoming less effective because usage has dropped dramatically. Local internet searches are increasing by 33% a year. You need to tap into that expanding market with Local Profit Geyser.

I have an ad in the print Yellow Pages. Do I still need LocalProfitGeyser.com?

Print Yellow Page usage is down and shrinking. Every year 33% more people are switching from print listings to online local searched. 67% of all local searches today are online. And in the print Yellow Pages, you can only be listed by business category. Online prospects may search by brand name, location, product name, or search phrase (usually a question). Although we are not suggesting you abandon your Yellow Page print ad, you cannot ignore the growing majority of buyers that search locally online before they shop locally.

What information is submitted for my Business Profile listings?

We send so much more than just your business name and phone number. We create and submit an entire business profile. We include your store hours, what credit cards you accept, what brands you carry, any video or social network links, and a description of what you sell/service. You can also include a website URL, and photos as a link. Of course, Google Maps and Mapquest include directions to your business and an actual map. You usually get more than a listing, depending on the directory, more like a full page Yellow Page display ad.

How can I track my results from my Business Profile online listings, articles and videos?

Three ways. You can go to linkpopularity.com and look up how many links are pointing to your website. This number will increase by about 200 within the next 60 days. This way, you’ll know that the listings are online. You can also track your website visitors by going to website-hit-counters.com and placing a visitor counter on your website. Just check on your website to see the traffic there. The counter is free. You can check back every month or so to see the dramatic increase in online searches being directed to your website. You can also (we do this) ask each buyer what caused them to seek you out. When they say “I found you online”, record that on your receipt or in your POS program. You’ll be able to add up the increased sales from your online listings. Believe me, they will more than pay for this service. In fact, we charge you less a year than a full page ad in a single Yellow Page directory charges for a month.

Will these Business Profile listings, Articles, and Videos help me in the search engine rankings?

Absolutely. Almost all these listing, articles, and video directories are very high page rank sites that will count when the search engine decides where to place you when a customer goes online for a local search. Your listing will look important and popular to the search engines. This fact alone almost guarantees you a first page local listing on Google and other major search engines.

Is there an advantage to buying two listings for my business?

In some cases. If you sell and service products, you could use a listing everywhere for sales and a separate listing for service. If your local Yellow Pages has you listed in two categories, usually two listings will pay off. If you are only listed in one category, then no, one listing is enough.

If your business is really two businesses; You provide landscaping and also sell plants and gardening supplies, yes, two listing will certainly help. You should include a different phone number for the second business, as well as a slightly different address (like 221A and 221B Baker Street)

Many of these sites allow me to post a listing for free, why should I pay you?

Many of the most important venues like 411 Directory Assistance, GPS Navigation devices, and Mobile Phones, have no way at all for you to submit your data. Most directories also require you to find the free listing page through layers of “upsells”. And we priced this service so that you are paying less than $1.50 a listing. This is less than it would cost if you hired a person to submit your information for you. So not only is this a quicker and more complete way to get your listings, but cheaper too.

What happens if I’m already listed in a directory?

This can happen. But most listings already posted are bare bones listings. Your listing may be woefully incomplete or with out-of-date information. You can’t make use of keywords in a listing you didn’t submit. Usually, the directory will compare the two listings, and use the one with more information. A correctly submitted listing will rank higher and show up earlier in the listings. Also, your articles and video will be added to your listings.

How soon will my listings appear?

Give it 60 days. Some directories will show your listing within a day or so. Others refresh their data every month or so. But within 60 days, you’ll see the vast majority of what will be listed. Your articles will appear a week or so after we interview you by phone. Your videos will appear about the same time.

Will all the directories post all the information provided?

No. Most will only publish the information they normally provide. A few only publish the bare bones information like your business name, address, and phone. But we submit every bit of information in your business profile to get you the most complete listing each directory will allow. Almost all will at least allow a link to the website and videos we build for you.

What if I’m already listed on the first page of a local Google search?

Congratulations! That can happen very easily. With our service, you’ll be on the first page with more search words than now. You may see your business listed more than once on the first page of Google. For example, our business is listed in the first eight positions on Google for the local search phrase “vacuum cleaners wooster ohio”. So one of the hidden benefits is that, not only are you listed more often...your competition is listed less often. With your Business Profile Directory Listings, Articles, and Video, you’ll quickly crowd out your competition on local searches. You’ll also see a more complete (and thus more result producing) business profile. Only 20% of online local searches are done on Google. The rest are searched on directories, Yellow Page Directories, and Portals.

I’m already listed number one for my company name. Why do I need you?

We are almost all ranked number one for our company name. Searches are almost never done by business name. They are done by town name, product category, a phrase in question form, a product brand name, a model name, or by zip code. Remember, searching prospects are looking for what you sell, or the service you offer, they are not looking for you specifically.

Are there limits on the length of my descriptions, and what we can include in them?

Yes. Let’s use Google as an example. They allow 200 characters (including spaces) for their descriptions. Anything longer will be cut off. All submissions must be in plain text, no HTML codes or links. For best results, this information should be about what you provide, and not advertising content.

How do you handle photos and videos? What formats can they be?

To get the most bang for your buck, we submit these as links to existing images that you have.

The advantage to you is that if you keep the same file name, you don’t have to resubmit a changed logo, picture, or video. Publishers may display the photos on your listing.

Each photo should be smaller than one MB.

Each photo must be under 1024 X 1024 Pixels. Photos must be in one of these formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP.

Who will see his DATA, and how am I assured of my privacy?

ONLY provide information that you want to be made public so the customers can find you.

We do not share your information outside of submitting it to the directories for your listing. Of course, your credit card information is held securely, and is never shared with anyone under any circumstance.

How often can I make changes?

As often as you like through the account login. But these changes are for your listing information. This isn’t for promoting your “Special of the day”. You can update anything in your listing. But you have to remember, it may take up to 60 days for the changes to take effect.

What if my address is a suburb of a larger city. For example. My store address is Berea, but I serve the Cleveland Ohio area?

Your directory address should still be Berea because your listing position partly depends on your tags saying the same thing as your address. But both the major city and the suburb can be included in all the articles and videos. That mean they will show up whether someone searches using the suburb or the major city in the search phrase.

Can you guarantee that I will get more business?

We can guarantee that we will submit your listing information as advertised. We guarantee prompt customer service. We guarantee that we will write and post your articles, and create and post your video. But nobody can guarantee what your customers will do. But being listed almost anywhere a consumer would look online will certainly increase your chances of being found.

Can we expand our listing?

Yes. One way to do that is to provide a link to your website. You can also expand your listings with almost every directory. You will pay more for this service (to them, not us) however.

When do submit our listings?

Usually the same business day we receive your Business Profile. Your website, articles, and video will take a little longer, but less than a month.

How much does this service cost? Will you ever increase my price?

We are doing a Special Offer right now for the complete Local Profit Geyser Program at only $5,999. That will increase for future buyers. But your monthly service charge will never go up. The monthly service fee is $199, starting 30 days after you submit your listing information. We also have a program where you can pay $1,799 a month for 4 months and then $199 a month starting the 5th month.

What if I decide to cancel my service, what happens then?

We stop submitting your information for listing renewals. Your listings will simply start falling off the different directories. Some in a month, some take a little longer. The links to your website that these listings provide will also disappear. Your articles will disappear at the end of the month, as will your videos, all links we created, and the website we created for you. Any other websites you own would be completely untouched.

What is your return and cancellation policy?

We do not give refunds after work has started. There is intense manual labor involved at the onset. Concentrated effort on your project begins right away with a phone interview with you. We have to build you a website, create articles, create videos, and submit everything everywhere. So there is nothing for you to return for a refund that we can resell. Everything we do is completely customized to you and your business.


But we do guarantee that you will get at least one local page one Google listing from what we do.

If we don’t get you that in 30 days, we will repeat the process until you get that minimum goal. There will be no additional charge. Most clients get several page one local Google listings, mostly of articles we write for them and video we produce for them.

You may however cancel your monthly maintenance charge at any time you like. We would simply stop charging your card. At the end of the paid month, we would remove your listing and information from our network. The links to you would go away, and we would not maintain your directory listings, website, or any content we created..


What is your contact information?

EMAIL: claude@localprofitgeyser.com

Claude Whitacre
799 Cleveland Rd.
Wooster, Ohio 44691