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How Much Does This Service Cost?

FAQ about videos

Where do you get my videos?

We create them from your written articles and from your telephone interview. We use Power Point to create visuals of what you are saying, these screens match your audio.

All of this is then uploaded to 50 different video hosting sites. The descriptions of the videos are added to maximize the keyword density, and your website URL link is added to each video submitted. We create three videos from your submitted content.

Can I add more videos?

Yes. Articles are submitted using software, done automatically. But videos must be submitted manually, one at a time. If you want us to create videos from telephone interviews, the charge is $100 each (after the three already included in your System).

If you want us to simply upload videos you already created with a Flip camera (www.theflip.com) , we will upload them to all 50 video sites for $50. These charges also include our writing titles and descriptions as per your instructions. All videos will also be added to your website. E-mail us when you want these extra services.

How long should my video be?

Ten minutes is maximum. Three to five minutes is good. Each video is trying to make one single point. If you make a fifteen minute video presentation, we will break it into two parts, and it will count as two videos. The videos we create for you are usually about 5 minutes in length.

Will my video have contact information at the end of it?

Yes. We will say something like “To find out more just got to (your website URL)”. The search engines will not pick this up, but your video will end up posted many places online, and this way the video will still drive buyers to your website. Of course, your URL and other contact information is always included in the video description anyway.

What about a “Greeting Video” for my website?

You can either create a video yourself or we will create one from our telephone interview. This is the first video visitors to your website will see. It should always be in your own voice. This video is in addition to the three selling videos we create for you. You will have four videos in total.

How soon until I see my videos?

Your videos are created right after your interview is done (usually within a week of signing up for this service). They are submitted to the 50 video sites about a week after that. Within a month, you will see most of what we have done for you.