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FAQ about your marketing website

What if I already have a website? Why do I need you to build me one?

The website we build is hosted by us. We will also register a domain name for it, and pay for all of this. If you have a company website already, great! The one we create for you is in addition to the one you have. We build your website using a URL with the most common search words in it. We build the website as a place to post your greeting video, your articles we write for you, and your videos for the customer to see.

This is the website we will submit to search engines, Yellow Page directories, and include in your Business Profile. Because we can easily access this website, we can add information whenever you want us to.

Here is the big benefit if you already have a website.....

When we submit articles or videos for distribution, we will place links to both websites (the one we built, and the one you already have), in each article or video. This will just about double the number of links you will have. We will even link the website we build to your current website. This will raise your current website in its online search position, as well as the website we create for you.

Why can’t you just do all this with the website I already have?

Many reasons. Your URL always needs to be optimized for local searches. You cannot have two URLs pointing to the same website, and have search engines count them both. One website=One URL. We also need to make sure we can access the website we create for you to quickly make changes. If we place content on a website you already have, and that website host failed, or the website disappears, we cannot retrieve all that content.

We build you a website with one goal in mind...to drive the largest number of “ready to buy” customers through your door. It’s faster and easier for us to build you a website to do this, than it is to completely gut and rebuild your present website.

Frankly, this way we also avoid every argument with the creative person that built your current website. We just don’t touch a website you already have. We will promote it, but we don’t work on it. No exceptions.

Can you use the Heading from my other website?

Absolutely. We can use your header. We can use your company logo to make the new website look more like your other website, keeping the same theme.

If you have a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website, we can use it on the new website too. This will make the website more user friendly. If you do not have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website, you can use the one we create and place it on your existing website. There is no charge for this, but you have to place it there. We do not work on your existing website.

What else do you add to the website you create?

We add a Frequently Asked Questions page. This will create even more customer trust in your company. We will create this page from the information we gain from our interview with you, and from any other information sources you can provide (articles written about you, picture of your business, pictures of you, press releases, etc).