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What Is Video Marketing And How Can It Help My Local Business?

Online marketing is growing in popularity amongst small business owners who no longer want to spend large amounts of money and time on print, radio, and television advertising. Video marketing is a particularly beneficial alternative because it does not require renting advertising space or air time, and each video can be created relatively simply on a small budget.

While video marketing is not yet widely used by localized businesses, in the future this is likely to change. YouTube and other video-sharing websites create a huge market place which can now be used to target an area-specific audience. Read on to find out how a video marketing strategy could put your business ahead of the competition.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an ideal method of quickly explaining your product, service, or brand to your customers. By creating and distributing videos across a range of different news and media-sharing websites you can bring detailed information to a large audience in a fun and entertaining way.

Although video technology has been available for a long time, the ability to share and watch video on pcs, laptops and smartphones has given the media format more advertising potential. YouTube alone gets 4 billion views every day, and there are thousands of other video-sharing websites to choose from.

How To Use Video Marketing

To get the full benefit of making and distributing a video, it is first necessary to create a well-structured marketing strategy. There are several phases you will need to consider:

- Making the video

Promotional videos do not have to be long or complicated. Most experts agree that videos of around 2 minutes are short enough to keep a customer's attention but long enough to get the point across. If you have a lot to say, consider dividing your video into smaller more manageable chunks.

The content in the video should be clear, informative, and interesting. Make sure that you know exactly what the aim of your video is before you start. By advertising the fact that you are a local company and by making the video genuine and engaging, you can create a trustworthy business image. Featuring local references and local customer testimonials is a great way to do this.

- Releasing the video

Distributing a single video across as many different sites as possible increases the likelihood of it being seen. The more people that view your video the more brand awareness you can create. Here are the basic website categories you will need to consider:

Global - YouTube, Flickr, Viddler, and Dailymotion are just a few of the thousands of globally popular sites which have image sharing capabilities. It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of each website before you upload your content, as some will not allow commercial advertising.

Specialized - Look for video sites that are directly related to your target audience. Building trades, learning, craft, and computer related video sharing websites are very common but a wide range of other specializations are also available.

Local - By using local online directories and portals you can target the people most likely to become a customer. You could also consider using your video on your own website or in emails and digital newsletters.

- Search engine optimization

Videos are very quickly indexed by search engines like Google. They are often displayed near the top of the first page of results which puts them in prime position to be viewed by users. However, to promote your videos further it is also important to include search engine optimized keywords in titles, descriptions and links. Area relevant wording and geo-tagging also helps to maximize local potential even on an international website.

- Going viral

Any well-released and entertaining video has the potential to go viral and create huge hype for a company. Unlike text-based adverts which often take a long time to read, videos can be immediate and exciting, so they are far more likely to be spread around the internet quickly. Your video will have the best chance of going viral if it is daring, dramatic, or funny, so you may have to choose between a viral and a standard promotional video before you begin.

The Results Of A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Internet videos are nothing like TV adverts which most people simply change the channel to avoid. People using the internet are genuinely interested in what they are searching for and want to hear what you have to say. So what are the advantages of creating an effective video and marketing strategy?

- Customer feedback

Large companies often spend huge amounts of money on researching and understanding their target audience's opinion of their products and services. By reading the comments left on your videos (most websites have this feature), you can get a good understanding of public reaction. If you want to gather opinions on a future idea, simply create a video which asks viewers for their thoughts.

- Increased traffic to your website

By adding links to your official website in your video descriptions, you can significantly increase the site's traffic. It is a good idea to consider carefully which page of your website the link should send people to, i.e. landing page, sales page or information page.

- Increased sales

Promotional videos are an extremely effective way to engage customers and help them put a face to your business's name. They are particularly useful if your product or service is complex, because posters and packaging often give you too little space to explain them fully. By creating interest and providing an easy way for viewers to reach you (backlinks etc.), you can ensure that you see a significant increase in sales following your digital marketing strategy.

How To Start Video Marketing

Video marketing is an increasingly powerful advertising tool that can not only boost your sales but also improve public opinion of your local business. However, for inexperienced owners, creating a successful marketing strategy can be difficult. If a video is unappealing and SEO is not in place, potential customers often struggle to find your video and the results can be disappointing.

Online marketing specialists can advise you on your video, implement its release, and manage the results. Hiring professionals to do the job for you will reduce the hours you need to put into the project and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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