Be the first company that your customers see when searching online.

Let Google and Bing suggest your company every time.

Could this make your competitors irrelevant?

Autocomplete Search Box Optimization Will:  

  • Capture your customers before they have a chance to see any competitors.
  • Own the entire first page of organic search engine results!
  • See great organic page ranking benefits
  • Increase traffic and conversions.

3 Reasons Why It's Critical for Your Business to Be the Star of the Autocomplete Show Right Now

Hey there, savvy entrepreneur,

Let's chat about a hidden secret strategy that’s taking the online world by storm, something so simple yet so powerful - the autocomplete feature in Google and Bing. You might have noticed it when you're typing away into the search bar, and boom - your phrase is completed. Magic, right? Well, it's not just wizardry; it's the key to skyrocketing your business. And I'm going to tell you why.

Welcome to the Autocomplete World.

Autocomplete, also known as "predictive search", or "search bar suggestions", is a friendly genie that pops up with suggestions when you start typing into a search engine. It's like that buddy who finishes your sentences, but in this case, your search queries. Sounds simple? Trust me; it's a game-changer.

Why Should I Care?

You see, autocomplete doesn't just make it easier for your potential customers to find you; it's a golden ticket for businesses like yours. It's your name up in lights every time a potential customer starts a search. And that, my friend, can make a world of difference. Here are the three reasons why:


Your Name in Lights (aka Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness)

Autocomplete: Your Spotlight

Think of autocomplete as your own personal spotlight. When your business pops up in those search suggestions, it's like you're on the stage, and the crowd is your potential customers. It's showtime, and guess who's the star? That's right, your business!

Branding like a Rockstar

But that's not all. Every time your business appears in autocomplete, it's like a shoutout to your brand. It's your name being called out in a crowd, making you more recognizable and memorable. And we all know, the more memorable your brand, the more customers come knocking.


Making Lives Easier (aka Improved User Experience and Customer Satisfaction)

Save time, win hearts

Autocomplete is like that helpful store assistant who shows customers exactly where to find what they're looking for. It saves them time, and we all know how precious that is. If your business can help save a few seconds, you're winning over hearts and minds, my friend.

Happy customers, happy business

And who doesn't love a smooth, frustration-free experience? That's exactly what autocomplete offers. It's like a well-laid path guiding customers to exactly what they need, and when they find your business quickly, they're really happy. And happy customers, and a constant stream of new customers mean a happy, thriving business for you and your employees.


Cha-Ching! (aka Boosting Conversion Rates and Revenue)

Conversions Galore

Autocomplete isn't just about making things easier; it's also about making that cash register ring. When customers find your business through search suggestions, they're already interested in what you've got to offer. That's a winning recipe for conversions if I've ever seen one!

Autocomplete: Your Revenue Rocket

And let's not forget about the moolah. More visibility, more customer satisfaction, more conversions - you know what that means? More revenue. It's like autocomplete is the fuel for your revenue rocket, ready to take you to the moon!

So there you have it. Autocomplete isn't just a feature; it's a golden opportunity. It's your chance to shine, make lives easier, and boost your bottom line. So, are you ready to let autocomplete be your secret weapon? I bet you are!


We've got A's for your Q's

What is this Autocomplete Magic?

Autocomplete is like that best buddy who finishes your sentences. It's a super-smart feature that search engines use to guess what you're about to type, making searching faster and easier. It's your secret weapon to winning the online game.

Can autocomplete really boost my brand awareness?

You bet! Every time your business pops up in the autocomplete suggestions, it's like your brand is on a billboard in Times Square. It gets your name stuck in your customers head, building brand recognition and loyalty like a rockstar.

Why should I care about autocomplete for my business?

Autocomplete is like a spotlight shining on your business in the crowded online world. It gets your name out there, guides users right to your doorstep, amps up those conversion rates, and fills up your cash register. It's like your business's VIP ticket to the big leagues.

How does autocomplete smooth things out for customers?

Autocomplete is like that friendly store assistant who always knows where everything is. It points customers right to what they're searching for, saving them time and frustration. And a smooth, hassle-free customer experience? That's a surefire way to win hearts.  

Can autocomplete really make my cash register sing?

You'd better believe it! When users find your business through autocomplete, they're already interested in what you've got. That means they're more likely to stick around, engage, and even buy. And that, my friend, is the sweet sound of a ka-ching!

How long does it take to see my company in the Google and Bing auto-complete?

In order to get your biz into the auto-complete, we need to establish credible authority for your keyword phrases . The time this it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase, but look for the keyword phrases to start showing up in Bing within 40-60 days, and Google 90-180 days.  

Do I own exclusive use of the keyword phrase, or do you sell the same keyword to my competitors?

Once a keyword phrase is sold, it is no longer available to any business nationwide. To test if the keyword phrase that you want is still available, just go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. If the auto-completes box shows any company name after the keyword phrase in the suggestion box, the keyword phrase is taken. If not, then the keyword phrase is likely still available.

There is a "ramp up period" when the keyword phrase has been purchased, but is not yet appearing in the auto-complete. This window of time varies depending on the competitiveness of your market and the population. Contact us today to get started on your business evolution.  

Your results are amazing. Do you use any black or gray hat methods to attain those results?

We do not. In order to influence the auto complete, search engines promote what is currently trending and authoritative in their algorithm.

Our process works because we give Google and Bing exactly what they want, which is high levels of social awareness and authority for your "business web". Think of it as a mind-map that is comprised of your website, top social profiles, and directory listings. We do it in such a way that meets the demanding standards of Google’s and Bing's algorithm for determining what to suggest in the autocomplete.

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