Learn how Local Business Owners Are CRUSHING the Competition By Allowing Google To Promote Their Business For Free...In Just 3 Days

How quickly can customers find your business in their search results? Discover what it takes to show up in a big way when prospective customers are looking for your services.

This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices and ethical cheat-codes for playing by Google's rules to get massive free promotion for your local business. Think of this guide as your key to learning the secrets to getting Google to promote your business to thousands of local consumers for FREE!


What This Guide Has to Offer

The Guide to Making Your New Website contains everything you could want to know about creating a website from scratch, from design to implementation.

Lesson 1

What's the Google 3-Pack? Why is it so important to my business success?

Lesson 2

What are the specific ways that the Google 3-Pack helps my local business?

Lesson 3

How can I use GBP to rank in the Google local 3-Pack?

Lesson 4

How can I improve my GBP listings?

“This course helped me create not only a beautiful and functional GBP profile but also one that brings customers in the door every single day.”

Joe Westrom - Westrom Building Supplies

About Me

“My name is Jamil Lila and I am the Head Product Educator at Local Profit Geyser. I utilize my knowledge to show you the only things you need to focus on in order to create an amazing GBP presence that brings in the bacon."

— Jamil Lila